See what dogs and their owners have learned training with us!

The Power of Relaxation

Can you dog relax with different things going on at home?  If they struggle at home, they’ll struggle out of the house.  Let us help!
Bri was a really anxious dog who was so nervous she would pee if you petted her.  Through the TBTE Relaxation Triad we helped her feel so much better about herself and you can see it in her before and after videos.
Dembe used to pull on the leash, jump on his owner and was just super excited about everything.  After training, he can lay down and relax, all without being told at Bass Pro Shop even with another dog nearby.

Have a dog who Comes when Called!

Luna would run off or play catch me if you can.  Her owner wanted to be able to go on hikes with her.  Now they enjoy them weekly!
It’s important to start training when you get your puppy.  12 week old Karma is off to a great start even with other dog distractions!
Harley’s owners live on a farm without fencing and wanted to give him more freedom to have fun and to fetch balls when they play chuck it!

Before & After Clips of Training Dogs

Pippa was a deaf board & train dog who suffered from reactivity.  Barking at everything!  Her owner lives in Chicago so we took a trip at the end of her program to the Windy City and she did awesome!
Brandi was a sweet boxer but out of control.  She would jump on your, pull on the leash and run off without coming back. We helped her be calmer, have great manners, walk politely on a leash and come when called!
Ellie was struggling with reactivity and aggression before starting private lessons.  We helped her with with learning to want to be reactive and how to walk on a leash so her and her owners can enjoy their walks together!

The Power of Patience

Stationing helps teach dogs patience so they aren’t so pushy or causing conflict.  Less conflict means less problems.
Teaching your dog to relax so they don’t feel like the need to react to everything creates a happier dog and a calmer household.
The door trick teaches your dog to assume they can’t go out the door without permission.  So nice to not have a dog who runs when the door opens!

Change Your Dog’s Perception

Wally was nervous and uncomfortable going down the basement stairs at his house. He would go down other stairs and the stairs that were at my house during his board and train.
In a followup lesson with his owner, we started with some pressure/release with food reward but as you’ll see he was still hesitant and emotionally uncomfortable.  So we did some Conditioned Relaxation with him and his change was dramatic.  Night and Day.
Zeke came into board and train an aggressive dog who wanted to bite me and had previously bit people and other dogs.  He had to be muzzled for safety at his drop off and when out of his crate for many days.
Over time his perception of me and my dogs changed during his trianing.  He became much more optimistic instead of pessimistic and aggressive.  Within a few weeks I was able to physically interact with him and he and I both had fun and enjoyed the interaction.
Sadie was a nervous and anxious dog who displayed her emotions through reactivity and aggression.  We worked a lot on the TBTE Relaxation Triad as well as Easter Egg Hunts, Perception Modification, loose leash walking and ecollar training.
She went from a pacing, barking, reactive dog to a dog who could relax on her own which felt so much better to her.  Often times in dog training a dog doing nothing and being relaxed can be the best thing for everyone including the dog.

Additional Training Fun!

One thing we help owners and their dog to do is being able to take their places.  Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood, a trip to a pet friendly store or an adventure to a park.
Social is a big part of what we do here with dogs.  Dogs learn how to interact with other dogs in a respectful and fun manner, gain confidence and enjoy themselves.  Socials are a time when dogs really get to be dogs!
One important skill to have is how to hold your leash.  You don’t want to wrap it around your hand to avoid injury.  Watch this video for an easy and safe way to hold your leash when training your dog.

Training Tips

Although we use food in our training we do not bribe dogs with food.  We use food to help dogs and as the help the dog needs fades so does the food over time.  When using food to bribe the dog, the dependency on the food remains long term.
The nothing activity is a useful skill for a dog to know.  The main concept is when you are doing nothing your dog lays down and does nothing on their own.  Unlike doing a down command, there is nothing to patrol and watch to make sure your dog stays in the down, so you can enjoy your time more also!
We meet many dogs that burst out of the crate when the door opens.  Teaching your dog to wait automatically can also be transferred to human and car doors.  Imagine opening your car door and not having to worry about your dog jumping out and running off.  Have peace of mind through training.