• Training Programs

  • How Our Board and Train Programs Work

    Board and Train programs begin with a training evaluation. It's an in person meeting with you and your dog where we discuss the challenges you're having with your dog, observe your dog's behaviors and choose which program will best fits your needs.  Board and train is a serious investment towards years of peace of mind and happiness with your dog.

    Some bonuses that our programs include that set up apart:

    • Unlimited email, text and phone support
    • Private lessons to teach you your dog's training so you'll be successful when your dog goes home!
    • All necessary training tools included with each program (you will need a crate for your dog)
    • Admittance to our Use It or Lose It and Let's Take a Walk! group classes where you can practice your training skills with distractions
    • Maintaining your dog's training while your dog boards with us, so your dog doesn't backslide while boarding.

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  • Let's Get Started

    Let's Get Started is a great program to sign up for for puppies or if you're looking to get started with some help with your dogs!  It's also awesome to have your dog do training and get more personalized attention while you're away on vacation.  We start developing a routine for your puppy that starts to become a new lifestyle of success!  It's not just about obedience but teaching your puppy or dog how to be.  The program is one week of training in Nicole's home.

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  • The Foundation Program

    The Foundation Program will take your dog's training to the next level.  We'll continue to strengthen the behaviors learned in the Let's Get Started program as well as add distractions and take walks off the property.  We can also start treadmill training.  This program is best for those wanting a great foundation but have an older puppy (over 6 months) or adult dog.  This program is two weeks of training in Nicole's home as well as fieldtrips to local neighborhoods.

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  • The Foundation Program

    will more solidify the items worked on in the Let's Get Started program as stated above as well as adding

    • Walking on a loose leash around a neighborhood
    • Treadmill training (upon request)
    • work around mild to moderate distractions


  • On the day that you pick up your dog at Nicole's home, you will have a 2-3 hour go-home training session, which includes demonstrations and instructions of what tools to use and how to successfully handle your dog. This program also includes one 1- to 2-hour follow-up session in your home scheduled 7-10 days after pick-up, to clarify any issues that may have become apparent after you return home with your dog. Let's Get Started and the Foundation Program include any necessary training equipment which is usually leash walking equipment and a raised mat. These programs are not designed for off-leash reliability or E-collar training (but dogs are always welcome back to complete the Freedom Dog or Total Dog Transformation Programs at a later point in time).

  • Freedom Dog Program: On and Off Leash Obedience

    Our Most Popular Program!

    The Freedom Dog Program will turn your dog into the envy of the neighborhood!  You'll have a dog that waits on a mat when guests come over instead of jumping all over them.  Your dog will come when called even with distractions, it and down stay as well as walk politely on the leash.  You'll have the dog of your dreams!

    The Freedom Dog Program is a 14-28 day board and train program where dogs stay in our home, not a noisy kennel.  We transition your on leash work to off leash freedom and reliability to give you and your dog tons of fun!

    Your puppy or dog first completes our foundation program before returning for more advanced training and off leash freedom!  After completion you can continue to attend our followup classes, Use It or Lose It and Let's Take a Walk! as well as join our exclusive group class: Play and Train.

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  • Sammie Board and Train

  • Ruby Board and Train

  • Cooper and Murphy Freedom Dog Program

  • Ruger takes a fieldtrip

  • Total Dog Transformation Program!

    Want your dog to have the ultimate training experience?!  Or is your dog having severe anxiety or aggression issues?  This program will transform your dog.  Your dog will spend 42 days training with us in our house and you'll be out to do private lessons so when your dog goes home, you two will be successful together!

    The Total Dog Transformation is for any dog but dogs with the following issues work in this program so we can lay a great foundation and take the time to work more serious behavior issues such as:

    • Dog Aggression
    • Human Aggression
    • Food and/or Resource Guarding
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Sever Fear Issues

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  • Private Lesson Options

  • The Amazing Dog Program

    Our most Popular Private Lesson Program! 

    Want a dog that is both reliable on and off leash?  Our Amazing Dog Program works on building a foundation of obedience on leash and then transitions your dog to off leash obedience as well. We'll also cover problem behaviors such as jumping on people and objects, counter surfing, door manners and potty training. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood!

    This program consists of 6 private lessons and training equipment.  It also includes a socialization evaluation ($75 value)  You can also join our follow up classes: Use It or Lose it, Let's Take a Walk! and Play and Train.

    For puppies under six months old we begin with foundation training and then when puppies are older than 6 months we add off leash freedom.

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  • Pay as you Go Sessions

    Need help with just a few things?

    Our pay as you go sessions, allow you to book a session when you need one. Each session will build on the previous one. Sessions last 60-90 minutes. This program does not include training equipment or follow up group classes.

  • The Good Dog

    This is our foundation program.  There are three lessons at our location or on your home.  We can help with jumping, pulling on the leash, barking, potty training and other issues you are having with your dog.  Training equipment can be added to the price or we will make recommendations on what to purchase.

  • The Extrodinary Dog

    Want to take your dog's training to the next level? This is our ultimate private lesson program!  Does your dog have extreme behavior problems such as aggression or severe anxiety?  This program is 9 lessons at our location or in your home.  Training equipment and follow up classes are included.