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    I was really nervous when I set out to find a dog trainer for my German Shepherd, but all that was put to ease when Nicole came by for a meet and greet with my dog. She explained to me all of her training methods and answered any questions I had. She was very easy to talk to about any problems I had concerning my dog. And after three weeks of her board and train program, I am wowed! Her results are outstanding. My dog now gives me her full attention, is much more calm, and no longer pulls while walking. (The Foundation B&T Program)

    Ren J.

  • Very thorough training experience. Nicole is knowledgeable and patient. The ideal combination. My dog is so much easier to live with as a result of this training. I would definitely hire her again. (Amazing Dog Private Lesson Program)

    Gayle S.

  • Cocoa

    Nicole was a Godsend to our family. Our 14 month old yorkie poo was disobedient and had awful manners. We didn't have the skills to change the situation. In June, we did 9 days of board and train with Nicole and were amazed at the initial results. Cocoa was more reliable with potty training, didn't cry in her cage or attempt to escape her pen. In July, she returned for 12 days and can now sit, down, target, walk on a leash, leave it and is a calmer more obedient dog. Nicole is a miracle worker and takes her time demonstrating how to continue working on reinforcing the behavior with the owners to ensure continued success at home. She spent more than an hour with us at the intake consultation in order to understand our training goals. It's clear she loves animals, treats boarded dogs as her own, and is a superb dog trainer. This experience was everything I hoped for and more than I expected. We plan to continue training sessions with Nicole and give her our highest recommendation. (The Foundation Program B&T Program)

    Jaime L.

  • Grizzly

    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I can not say enough good things about Nicole and her board and train program. After losing a dog last year our family decided it was time to get a puppy. We found a chocolate lab that we fell in love with. At first everything was going great, potty training went well and I could walk him easy enough. Then as the months progressed and he grew bigger and bigger things began to get crazy. He was chewing up shoes any chance he got (I lost track of how many flip flops were destroyed), pulling on walks, had to be put in a kennel so my other dog and my family could eat in peace without him attacking our food. I couldn't play catch in the backyard with my kids without him stealing the ball or jumping on the kids to play with them. He even jumped on my FIL when he came over to visit and almost knocked him to the ground. I was honestly having anxiety everyday about getting out of bed and having to deal with him. I knew we needed HELP!!!

    Luckily, I saw a post on FB shared by a friend about Nicole's program and I began watching all of her videos on Facebook. This sounded like an answer to my prayers. After a month, with Nicole we have a completely well behaved dog. I can walk him so easily and get compliments on how well behaved he is. Even my 7 year old can walk him down the street without him pulling. He doesn't jump on family when they come over to visit. He will lay on his mat and rest while we eat. He still enjoys playing catch, but now we don't have to wrestle with him to get the ball back. It is a dream come true to be able to enjoy every day with our new pup and not have to worry about what chewed up shoe may be laying around the corner.

    I also love that Nicole shares videos of her training on her FB page. I loved getting to see what Grizzly was learning everyday. Nicole is also very thorough in making sure that my family had all the skills needed to continue working with Grizzly at home and making sure that he does not revert back to his old monster ways. If you are wondering if this program is worth it, I would definitely say YES!!!! Life is so much more enjoyable for everyone and I don't have to buy as many replacement shoes-LOL!! Thanks so much Nicole!! (Freedom Dog B&T Program)

    Sarah R

  • Enzo

    I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!! He barely sniffed around, he stayed in the zone where he's supposed to, never wandered from his zone to other distractions (bikers, people walking, cars, squirrels, dogs, etc.) and if he got a foot from the zone he was easily corrected , he never stopped to go to the bathroom and just walked. It was great, and felt amazing. One of the best walks I've had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for that. You taught us very well! (The Good Dog Private Lesson Program)

    Rachel R.

  • Dakota

    Hi Nicole! I just had to write to tell you how great Dakota did on her training session this afternoon! She responded so well to everything! I moved the ecollar to the other side of her neck and she actually was working off of a 6! I was so happy how well she was doing and both Glenn and I felt much more comfortable and coordinated this time. Lol Then I took her for her evening walk and she did excellent. I could see the change in her dramatically. Her tale is usually up and in an anxious type frame while walking and I have to remind her many times to heel as she is so distracted. Tonight she was by my side with her tail level to her back or even lower at times and we even encountered a bunny about 4 foot away at one time. I did not use the collar as I didn’t think I should in that scenario yet, so I just talked to her and told her to leave it and to come to keep her moving forward. While she was really wanting to get him, and she was dancing a bit, she did listen and was not as crazed as she usually is. Like I said, the difference was very noticeable to me. It’s only the first day and she is really responding so well. I am so very excited and had to let you know!!!😊