• Socialization Class

  • How do I get started?

    The first step is to have your dog come in for an evaluation.  Your dog will be dropped off in the morning,  evaluated throughout the day and then we'll go over the evaluation with you when you pick your dog up.  For the safety of all dogs, some dogs may need training before attending socialization classes.  The evaluation is $75 dollars and once accepted, you can attend socialization class for free afterwards.  If your dog needs training before coming to socialization class, the $75 evaluation fee will rollover into your training program.
    Socialization evaluations are included in all board and train programs and some private lesson programs.

    Click here to Sign up for a Socialization Evaluation

    • Large dog socialization is for puppies older than 5 months and dogs bigger than 30 pounds.
    • For social, please park in our driveway and then enter through the gate that is perpendicular to the garage.
    • Remember your dog must have been through a Socialization Evaluation or a training program that includes the evaluation.

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  • What vet records are needed to attend socialization class?

    All dogs participating in services at our facility are required to have to the following four vaccine/tests.

  • Vaccine or TestGiven How Often
    Rabies1 or 3 years
    Distemper/Parvo1 year, 3 years or yearly titer
    Negative Fecal Testyearly

  • Rules of Socialization Class

  • These rules are setup to have socialization class be a safe, structured and fun place for your dog to socialize.

  • When you arrive for socialization class

    • make sure to have your dog on a 4-6 foot leash (no flexi/retractable leashes)
    • walk your dog on a loose leash calmly into the fenced area where you'll have social, find a spot with space for you and your dog and have your dog sit next to you.
  • During Socialization

  • People Rules

    • Stay in motion walking in one direction around the outside of the field.
    • No touching the dogs
    • No talking to the dogs
    • No disciplining the dogs
    • No watering or feeding the dogs
    • No toys
    • If you see a dog poop or see dog poop, please grab a bag, pick it up and put in the metal trash can.  We appreciate it!
  • Dog Rules

    • No fighting
    • No bullying
    • No flirting (courting)
    • No mounting (PDA)
    • No excessive barking
    • No excessive possessiveness behavior over the person who brought them in
    • No prong collars, head halter or transitional leashes on the dogs when off leash.
      • Walk your dog into social on a prong collar, head halter or transitional lead. When we instruct to take the dogs off leash, remove the prong collar, head halter or transitional lead with the leash. When we instruct to leash dogs back up, you may put the prong collar, head halter or transitional lead back on.
  • After Socialization Class

    • When instructed, leash up your dog.
    • Walk your dog on a loose leash back to your car.