Group Classes

Crazy to Calm

  • Learn

    • how to teach your dog to relax
    • sit next to you calmly
    • walk on the leash without pulling, barking, lunging…
    • settle in one place
    • come when called
    • how to stop jumping, pottying in the house, barking and other behavior challenges

Cost: $250 (includes training equipment for leash walking)

Location:  Group classes will be taught at our location in Minooka.

When: Starting Wednesday, May 23, for 8 weeks at 6pm for 1 hour (does not meet July 4).

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Use it or Lose It

This group class is for clients who have completed a board and train or private lesson program.  This class allows students to practice skills they learned in their training program around lots of distractions.

Let’s Take a Walk!

Let’s Take a Walk! is one of our follow up classes after a client has completed a training program.  This class meets in different locations to work on training skills.  We don’t just take walks but also practice stay and recall work as well.  Watch our Facebook page for the location of upcoming Let’s Take a Walk! classes.







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Socialization Class

Socialization class is a unique approach to helping dogs learn and maintain social skills in a safe and structured environment.  Dogs learn self regulation and proper social interactions.  Socialization class relies on a dog’s natural reactions to help with aggressive, shy, fearful and other problem behaviors.

Socialization class is not just for dogs with behavior problems, other dogs are welcome too!  In fact stable dogs are an important part of the process as they gain better social skills and help other dogs as well.

How do I get started?   

The first step is to have your dog come in for an evaluation.  Your dog will be dropped off in the morning,  evaluated throughout the day and then we’ll be with you when you pick your dog up.  For the safety of all dogs, some dogs may need training before attending socialization classes.  The evaluation is $75 dollars and once accepted, you can attend socialization class for free afterwards.  If your dog needs training before coming to socialization class, the $75 evaluation fee will rollover into your training program.

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Small dogs and puppies is for small dogs under 30 pounds and puppies younger than 5 months which is held Wednesday nights from 7-7:30pm.  For this social, please park in our driveway and then enter through the gate that is perpendicular to the garage.

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Below is one of our first socialization classes.  Of these six dogs, three of them struggled with dog reactivity in the past.