Private Lessons

In private lessons, we work one on one with you and your dog(s).  We will take you through the same process we successfully do with our dogs and board & train dogs.  We become your coach and you becoming your dog’s trainer.

Get rid of your frustration and gain confidence, calmness and fun with your dog!

*Looking for help with your dog?  You’re in the right place!

*Don’t be embarrassed by your dog when guests come over or while on a walk.  Have a dog with great manners!  Have a dog that can make better choices on their own so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!

*We can help with silly, mouth puppies to crazy teenage dogs to dog with reactivity, anxiety or aggression.

*Have a dog that you can enjoy! 

Why clients love our private lesson programs...

  • One on one instruction with a professional dog trainer
  • Lessons are tailored to you and your dog
  • Help with a variety of issues such as:
  • hyperactivity
  • anxiety
  • barking
  • jumping
  • pulling
  • reactivity
  • aggression
  • leash pulling
  • running away
  • counter surfing
  • stealing items
  • digging holes
  • playing keep away
  • and more…

Private Lessons a la Cart

  • Looking to try lessons out?
  • Not looking for a long term commitment?
  • Just need help with a thing or two?
  • A La Cart Private Lessons are perfect for this!

How do private lessons work?

Each private lesson is around 90 minutes although in the beginning lessons may go 2 hours.  We go over training concepts, practice with your dog and tailor the training to your situation with your dog. 

The price is per household not per dog so if you have two dogs, they can both be trained. 

How to get started?

1.  Reach out to us using our contact form.

2.  We’ll contact you to schedule your first lesson and send you our training form.

3.  We’ll meet at our first lesson and start helping you and your dog!

“I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!!…One of the best walks I’ve had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for for that.  You taught us very well!”

Rachel R. and Enzo

The Good Dog Program

Our Good Dog Private Lesson Program is our ultimate private lesson program.  This program includes:

*12 private lessons at our location.

*Training equipment (leash walking equipment, long line, Micro or Mini Educator if client decides to do off leash work). 

*When you dog is ready, access to our Play & Train group class

*6 months free enrollment in our online course Freedom Dog and our Exclusive Client Support group.

The program is designed to give you and your dog the ultimate training experience for the ultimate success!

Training Investment: $1600