Why clients love our private lesson programs...

  • One on one instruction with a professional dog trainer
  • Lessons are tailored to you and your dog
  • Help with a variety of issues such as:
  • hyperactivity
  • anxiety
  • barking
  • jumping
  • pulling
  • reactivity
  • running away
  • counter surfing
  • stealing items
  • digging holes
  • aggression
  • and more…

The Good Dog Program

*The focus of The Good Dog program is leash training with your dog:

  • Walking calmly and politely on a leash,
  • relaxing in your home and new places,
  • sit, down, mat,
  • come on leash
  • manners and more…

*6 private lessons at our location

*Leash Walking Equipment is included

*When ready you can join our Use It or Lose It group class

Training Investment: $450

The Amazing Dog Program

The focus on The Amazing Dog program is to take the skills learned in the The Good Dog program to the next level.

  • Create more focus with your dog in more distracting environments
  • Ditch your Leash: Teach your dog off leash reliability and freedom with an awesome recall (come when called)!
  • Solidify a Stay that withstands distractions and distance

*6 private lessons at our location and field trips

*Long Line and Mini Educator included

*Can join Use It or Lose It group class

Training Investment: $625

We always want our clients to get the more out of their training program.  Purchase both the The Good Dog and the Amazing Dog at the same time and only pay $1025.  A savings of $50!