Money Back Guarantee

We don’t think you will need it.  But just in case every purchase or subscription comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  We are not only confident that the Freedom Dog Training & Boarding offers a service which is the best in the dog training industry, but we also think that it will cover your every dog training need.  We want to bring you satisfaction and make sure that you always feel safe and sound.  This is why we back every purchase of our Foundation and Freedom Dog Courses with or without the online classroom with a 100% money back guarantee (14 days from purchasing).

Note:  We do not refund due to you forgetting to cancel (after 14 days from purchasing) on time.  This results in you being billed for your next payment plan payment or subscription payment.  The 100% money back guarantee is only valid for the first 14 days of purchase.

In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 14 days of your purchase, contact our support team at freedomdogtrainingil@yahoo.com and let us know you’d like a refund by the 14th day at 11:59pm CST.  One requirement that must be included in the request for a refund is to “tell us why this course was not a good fit for you.  What did you expect that you did not get once inside the program?”  The 14 day refund policy only applies to our Foundation and Freedom Dog courses with or without the online classroom when paid online, check or card.

Our 14 day refund policy does not apply to upfront cash payments where clients are saving the most money.  We will not refund a cash payment online or in any other manner. The 14 day refund policy only applies to online payments.  Our 14 day refund policy also not apply to private lessons, day training, day camp, board and train programs or boarding.

We will NOT provide refunds for any request that comes more than 14 days following the date of purchase.  After day 14, all payments are non-refundable (both paying upfront, payment plans and subscriptions) and you are responsible for the full payment of the fees for the program regardless of whether you complete the program.

Upon determining that you are entitled to a refund pursuant to this policy, Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, will promptly issues an instruction to its payment processor to issue the refund.  Freedom Dog Training & Boarding does not control its payment processor and will not be able to expedite any refunds.

If you receive a refund of any purchase through this money back guarantee, that shall immediately terminate any and all licenses granted you to use the material provided to you under this Agreement and the Company’s Terms of Use.  you shall immediately cease using the material and shall destroy all copies of the information provided to you, including without limitation: video recordings, audio recordings, forms, template documents, slide shows, membership areas, social media group(s) limited to paying members and other resources.  All refunds are discretionary as determined by Nicole LaVarier of Freedom Dog Training & Boarding.  To further clarify, we will not provide refunds for requests made after the 14th day from your date of purchase.  Also we will only provide refunds for our Foundation course and Freedom Dog courses with or without the online classroom.  If you have any questions or problems, please let us know by contacting out support team directly.  The support desk can be reached at freedomdogtrainingil@yahoo.com.


We don’t believe in “quick fix” programs – only hard work, adding value, building a relationship with your dog and serving others with excellence and constancy.  Our programs are intended to help you with your dog, take a normal, expected amount of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor.  Please don’t enroll in our programs if you believe in the “quick fix dog training” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to training their dog and improving your lives together.  We can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with your dog with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.  We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you.  We just want to help by giving you content, direction, and strategies.

You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only.  Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results.  No results or examples mentioned by us or our students should be expected as definite.  Making decisions based on any information presented in our products, events, services, or website, should be done only with the knowledge that you could experience success or failure just like any other dog owner.  You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstances.

General Waiver

Freedom Dog Training & Boarding will endeavor to create as safe as environment as possible for the training, boarding, care, custody and control of the dog(s) identified in forms, contracts or other means (hereinafter the “Dog”), and will offer only sound, safe and responsible training, care, and post-training instructions.  Owner agrees that any animal may exhibit unpredictable behaviors and that Freedom Dog Training & Boarding will not be liable for the actions of the Dog that are outside the control of Freedom Dog Training & Boarding.  Owner agrees that the recommendation of Freedom Dog Training & Boarding of any product or service is not a guarantee of performance of Owner’s satisfaction with that product or service.

Owner acknowledges and agrees that owning any animal, including the Dog, has inherent risks, including but not limited to the risk of dog bites to Owner, people or animals.  Owner is responsible for the cost of any veterinary care and insurance deductible required during the time the Dog is engaged in the program.  Owner is also responsible for the cost of any veterinary care that may be required subsequent to the boot camp program for injuries or ailments that may have occurred during boarding, a board and train program, day camp, day training or any other program where the dog is in our care.

Owner fully understands the tools and techniques that are sued to train and modify the behavior of their Dog and agrees to the tools and techniques which include, but are not limited to, the following: flat collars, martingale collars, slip collars, head collars, haltis, transitional leads, prong collars, bark collars, remote training collars, bonkers, muzzles, slip lead, dominant dog collar, long lines, mats, crates, treadmills, agility equipment, pet convincer, squirt bottles, remote treat dispenser, treats, your dog’s regular food, our dogs (and Romeo, the dog training cat!), toys, etc. Owner will follow all instructions for equipment and will not leave equipment on Dog while unattended or overnight.  Owner agrees that, although the trainers will provide instruction and depending on which service is being used provide equipment for the training of Dog, owners is responsible for maintaining control of Dog and is responsible for the successful training, control and conduct of Dog at all times.

This Service Agreement covers the relationship between Owner and Freedom Dog Training & Boarding each time owner receives services from Freedom Dog Training & Boarding.  Owner affirms the terms of this Service Agreement and the truthfulness and accuracy of all statements Owner has made regarding Owner and Dog/s.  You (the Dog Owner) acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in dog training, boarding and care.  You hereby release and agree to hold Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, its owners employees, family, guests, visitors, associates and agents harmless from any and all manner of injuries or death, damages, claims losses, liabilities, costs or expenses, causes of action or suits, whatsoever in law or equity (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and related costs) arising out of or related to any services provided by Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, its owners, employees, associates, or agents, even under terms and situations of gross neglect.

Services will not be provided by Freedom Dog Training & Boarding without your complete agreement with the Service Agreement.  Your signature conveys you understand and agree to all content and conditions specified within the Service Agreement.  Terms and conditions of this Service Agreement may not be changed or updated. You are solely responsible for any expenses attributed to your Dog’s destructive or aggressive behavior.  Further, by entering into this agreement, you agree to indemnify, defend, protect and hold Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, its owners, employees, associates and agents harmless from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, costs, liabilities or expenses (including, but not limited to, injuries to any person/animal or destruction of any property) arising out of your dog’s behavior, regardless of whether or not your dog has exhibited such behavior in the past or the actions or inactions of Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, its owners, employees, associates or agents.

If Dog is aggressive, Freedom Dog Training & Boarding will determine if a muzzle will be necessary for training and if decided to use a muzzle, Owner agrees to provide the muzzle, use in training and are responsible for avoiding potentially problematic situations.  As a force majeure, in case of (1) unforeseeable event, (2) outside of the parties’ control, that (3) renders performance impossible or impractical, Freedom Dog Training & Boarding will do our best to continue training your dog.  This may mean moving to virtual video training sessions. 

Service Dog Waiver: Not every dog has what it takes to be a service dog.  During our Service Dog Training Program, we will train your dog and evaluate your dog for service dog workability.  Enrolling in this program does not automatically elevate  your dog to a service dog or service dog in training status.  Your dog must be free of any behavior issues that would prevent your dog from being your service dog (fear, aggression, reactivity, etc…).  Your dog must be rock sold around people, dogs, and distractions.  Service dog are not behavioral project dogs.  If your dog does have behavior issues, we will spend our time addressing those, not on service dog work.

Grooming:  Your dog must have a short “kennel cut” while with us.  Your dog is here for training, and when we do spend some time grooming, that is less time spent training, either your dog will need more time with us, or will learn less.  If we need to groom your dog, there will be a minimum of $100 fee added each time.  

You authorize Freedom Dog Training & Boarding to conduct this training and to take your dog to specific places as required.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot for a board and train program and the remainder is due when you drop your dog off.  If you do not pick your dog up on their go home date, their board and train will continue at $75/day.  There are no refunds for board and train funds.


Photo/Video Release

Photo/Video Release: You hereby assign and grant Freedom Dog Training & Boarding the right and permission to use, reproduce, distribute, and publish the photograph(s), film(s), videotape(s), audio and video recording(s), electronic representation(s) and/or sound recording(s) made of me and/or your dog(s) at any time during the training and/or boarding of your dog(s) by Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, and you hereby release Freedom Dog Training & Boarding from any and all liability resulting from such use, reproduction, distribution, and publication.  You hereby authorize the reproduction, sale, distribution, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, and/or electronic storage of any and all such photograph(s), film(s), videotape(s), audio and video recording(s), electronic representation(s) and/or sound recording(s) without limitation at the discretion of Freedom Dog Training & Boarding and You specifically waive any right to any compensation you may have for any of the foregoing.


Failed Payments

Foundation and Freedom Dog Courses Payment Plans and Subscriptions: If your payment for either a payment plan or a subscription is declined, we will notify you via email so that you can take action and restore your payment plan and/or subscription.  

After receiving this email, you’ll have 7 days to fix the issues before losing access to both the course and online classroom.  Your access will be paused at that time.  You will not have access to the course or online classroom.  During this paused state, we will still periodically attempt to process a payment to restore your course and online classroom access.

If after a 30 day period, you have not fixed the payment issue, your payment plan will be cancelled and access not restored to your course or online classroom.  After this period, you can contact us directly at freedomdogtrainingil@yahoo.com to discuss what options you have to rejoin your course and the online classroom.