• Group Classes

  • Puppy Class

    Puppy Class is an open enrollment class. It is six separate modules that you can start on any given Wednesday nights at 6pm. We help on puppy things such as potty training, mouthing, jumping, crate training, teaching relaxation as well as cover sit, down, mat, come and loose leash walking.  In addition we set up exposure to different surfaces, sounds and experiences to help build your puppies confidence and engagement with you during this critical period of learning. 

    Class is open to puppies ages 8 to 20 weeks.  Puppies must have at least one distemper/parvo vaccination and a negative fecal test within the last 30 days.

    When you sign up for Puppy Class, you may attend classes up until your puppy turns 20 weeks old.  There are 6 modules.  Each week you attend, please sign up for class as we only allow 5 puppies in class per week at a time.  Even if you finish the 6 modules before your puppy turns 20 weeks, feel free to come back for more practice or perhaps show off your puppy's skills!

    Upon completing this course (attending all six modules) you are eligible to receive 10% off our Amazing Dog Private Lesson Program or 5% off of our Freedom Dog or Freedom Puppy Program board and train programs. To be eligible for discount you must sign up for your next program within 30 days of graduating puppy class.

    Cost: $125

  • How to get signed up for Puppy Class:

    1.  Please click on the link, Click Here to Sign up for your Puppy Class Package.

    2.  Your Puppy Package will grant you access to Puppy Class up until your puppy turns 20 weeks old.  You will need to register for the nights you want to attend.  You can do that at any time but please remember that if you sign up and don't attend you've taken that spot from someone else.  Each class allows up to 5 puppies to attend.

    3.  When you're ready to have your puppy attend a puppy class, use the link Click here to schedule your puppy's Puppy Class date.  Pick which Tuesday evening you want your puppy to attend.  You can sign up for one night at a time or a bunch at once.

    4.  Look forward to having fun with your puppy at Puppy Class!

  • Group Class

    Our Group Class is unique. It's an ongoing class that you can join anytime for dogs 5 months and older.

    Our Group Class covers many topics that are both helpful and practical skills for you and your dog.  Because it's an ongoing class, we can cover a wide variety of training skills and you're not under the normal pressures of a 6-8 week long class to accomplish training goals.  The table below gives examples of topics we cover.

    Loose Leash WalkingWalks in local neighborhoodsReactivity - barking at other dogs and people
    Sit & DownPet Friendly StoresLearning to be calm at and away from home
    Mat & ComeVisits to ParksAssists dogs with anxiety
    Leave itAdding distance, distractions and durationBuilds dogs' confidence

    When you sign up, you can pick a 1, 3, or 6 month membership.  Because our group class is ongoing, you have the opportunity to attend 50 sessions over the course of 6 months!

    Class is on Tuesday nights at 6pm and Saturdays at 9am.

  • Group Class Memeberships

  • Follow up Group Classes

    After our clients and their dogs have completed a training program, they can come to our follow up group classes: Use It or Lose It, and Play & Train. These classes let clients get continued support after their program, practice with distractions as well as meet other clients, their dogs and make new friends.

  • Use It or Lose It is free to graduates of a board and train or private lesson program (sorry not pay as you go private lessons). All others who want to attend, class is $20 per dog cash at the beginning of class. Please only one dog per person.

    We work on a variety of things from leash walking, down and mat with distractions to paper plate recall. Come to class and have a fun morning with your dog!

    Please be sure to bring your dog 10-15 minutes early and on the training tool appropriate for your dogs training. This is a time for you to focus on building a relationship with your dog and both of your skills in a real world setting.

    Class is Saturday at 9am.  Please sign up by clicking on the Sign Up button below. Looking forward to seeing you and your dog!

    Click Here to Sign Up for Use It or Lose It!

  • Play and Train

    This program is a combination of our socialization class and obedience.  We'll be doing a combination of socialization, on leash and off leash work with the dogs such as recall from play. Dogs must have completed an ecollar off leash program and be preapproved.

    Sign up Coming Soon!