The Freedom Dog Training will open November 1, 2020!

Freedom Dog Training Academy


Freedom Dog

Our Foundation course will focus on and address:

*Building a positive and respectful relationship with your dog

**Physical, mental and confidence-building exercises

*Teaching your dog to have an optimistic state of mind instead of a pessimistic view of the world

*How to politely greet people (no more jumping on guests and embarrassing you!)

*A dog that doesn’t counter surf or steal things in the house and then play keep away

*Enjoy a dog that walks nicely on a leash (no more dragging you around the neighborhood!)

*How to relax and have a calmer demeanor – relaxed dogs are happier and make better decisions because they’re not going to a mile a minute

*Teaching your dog to wait for permission to go out a door (no more running out of the crate, house or car doors!)

*Learning to correct your dog for behaviors you don’t want in a way that won’t shut them down and actually gets them more enthusiastic about what they should be doing

*Begin the foundation for a great recall with our very fun Paper Plate Recall game!

*A dog that can make better choices on their own so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!

Our Freedom Dog program is for ALL dogs.  We highly recommend this program for owners who:

a) have dogs with moderate behavior issues such as reactivity or mild aggressive.  These are dogs who are barking, lungeing, growling, snapping at other people, children or dogs.

b) have dogs that are difficult to impossible to trim their nails (whether by the owner, the groomer or at the vet office), be handled for vet exams or grooming visit.

c) want to do more obedience (sit, down, mat, stay, come) at home and out and about.

b) want to teach their dog an awesome off leash recall for the backyard, out at the park or on hikes.

In addition to the skills taught in the Foundation program you can add:

a) basic obedience on leash: sit, down, mat with an implied stay.

b) teaching your dog to be comfortable being handled and cooperating for nail trims, ear cleanings, grooming and vet exams.

c) changing your dogs perception from being reactive or (barking, whining & lunging) or mild aggressive (growling, baring teeth, possibly snapping) from feeling like they have to do those behaviors to a more relaxed state of mind.

d) an ecollar off leash recall.  Enjoy a dog that comes back when called in your backyard, at the park or out hiking!

Dream Dog

Our Dream Dog Program is the ULTIMATE TRAINING PROGRAM that we offer. You’ll get everything in our Foundation and Freedom Dog programs plus:

a) off leash obedience: sit, down, mat from mild to moderate to high distractions

b) using the ecollar to help with behavioral issues such as reactivity, socialization, aggression and more…

Academy FAQs

What does it mean to have a dog that is relaxed and makes better choices?

For example Mel is a dog who has a history of going berserk when the UPS man drops off a package.  By teaching Mel how to relax (lowering his threshold for barking) and that there are lots of other choices that can be rewarded (other than going berserk), Mel learns that when the UPS man drops off a package to just watch quietly or even ignore him on his own without us having to tell him what to do.

I see that board and train programs include training equipment, does the academy?

No, we’ll make recommendations on which pieces of training equipment we recommend and places you can purchase them from.

I’m not sure if I want to do the Freedom Dog 

Is your training program force free, positive only, purely positive…?

No, while we use a lot of positive reinforcement when training dogs, we also use the other three quadrants of operant conditioning.  As soon as you withhold food from the dog to decrease a behavior (for example withhold the treat until the dog stops jumping on you) you’re using negative punishment.  We also have times when we use negative reinforcement and positive punishment.  

In behavior training negative and positive don’t mean good or bad, they mean add or subtract. In positive reinforcement, you adding something (for example food) to increase the chance that the dog will do a behavior again.  In negative reinforcement you remove something (for example leash pressure) to increase the chance that the dog will do something again. 

These can also be combined.  For example, a person can apply upward steady leash pressure, as soon as the dog sit, release the pressure, yes and give the dog a treat.  Now you’ll have two ways you can communicate a sit to the dog!

Do I have to use an ecollar to be successful in the training academy?  

No.  There is no ecollar training the Foundation program.  The only ecollar training in the Freedom Dog program is conditioning and teaching an off leash recall. It’s not a requirement to do the ecollar training in order to be successful in the Freedom Dog program.

Teaching your dog to be comfortable being handled for nail trims, grooming and veterinary exams, the perception modification (for reactivity and mild aggression), and the basic on leash obedience are all done without an ecollar in the Freedom Dog program.


This is our Foundation course on its own.  You can work at your own pace going through the 8 weeks of material.  Training Investment: $250

You’ll be enrolled in our online Foundation course.  In addition, you’ll be enrolled in our Online Classroom for 8 weeks of support.  We do weekly lives to assist students with questions and to discuss more in depth about course topics. This is also were you’ll post questions, pics and videos for us to comment on and give more assistance as your work through course material.  Training Investment: $450

After 8 weeks in the Online Classroom, you can stay for additional assistance and feedback for $26 a month!

Want in person coaching in addition to the Online Academy?  

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Freedom Dog

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Dream Dog

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