Our Freedom Dog Academy is open for enrollment!

Our Memberships, Freedom Dog and Dream Dog programs are waiting to give you and your dog the quality time together that you deserve!

You're struggling with your dog and thinking...

“I don’t know where to get started…”

Your dog is jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, growling at people or other dogs, having accidents in the house and going nuts when guests come over.  Taking your dog on a walk feels like a challenging or impossibly large undertaking that you avoid them.

It’s so confusing…

There are so many different ways to train a dog and you feel like you don’t know which one is better than another or which trainer or method you should choose.  There are just so many options!

Will your training work for us…

Our training teach your dog to relax and align your agendas together.  With these two things you and your dog will want the same things together, taking the conflict out of your relationship.


Online Membership: Train with us anywhere you have access to the internet with our online course and interactive classroom where we answer questions, support students and do live Q&As.

Group Class Membership  (1 dog): Get everything in our Online Membership plus as many Puppy or Academy Group classes you want to during the month with one dog.

Group Class Membership (2 dogs): Get everything in our Online Membership plus as many Puppy or Academy Group classes you want to during the month with two dogs from the same household!

Freedom Dog Program

Basic Freedom Dog Program:  This is our three month program that includes our online course, interactive classroom, and group classes.  At the end of your program you get to keep your course for reference and can keep training with us for a greatly reduced monthly rate.

Premium Freedom Dog Program: This is our three month private lesson program where we will work with you and your dog in private lessons over three months (up to 12 lessons total).  You’ll also be enrolled in our online course, interactive classroom and can attend our group classes with up to 2 dogs from your household!

Dream Dog Program

Don’t struggle with with your dog or be embarrassed by their behavior. Be confident and excited to have your dog. 

Enjoy a calm dog in the house, polite when guests come over, walks well on leash even when seeing distractions, comes when called off leash so get ready to enjoy hikes together and great obedience!

Dream Dog Private Lesson Program

Enjoy our unlimited private lesson program!   You’ll also get unlimited group classes, access to our online course and our interactive classroom for six months!

This is the ultimate private lesson program giving you plenty of time and instruction to have the dog of your dreams. 

Raise an awesome puppy, let us help with teenage dog crazyiness  and solve behavior issues with your dog.

Dream Dog Board & Train Program

Our Board & Train program is a unique program.  Your dog will stay with us in our home and integrated into our household with our four dogs and Romeo, the dog training cat.  We take 1-2 board & dogs at a time so each dog spends lots of time everyday getting personalized and customized training as well as social time having fun playing with dogs and going for hikes on our beautiful 2 acre property in Minooka, IL.

We also do 4-8 private lessons with you to teach you your dog’s new training so you are confident and successful when your dog goes home including a follow up lesson in your home.

The Dream Dog program can help puppies, adolescent dogs, hyperactive dogs and dogs with anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.