Getting Started with the Dream Dog Program!

There are two different ways you can get started with the Dream Dog Program.

a) Ready to get started up?  Awesome!  Before we sign a dog up for a board and train program, we do an Training Evaluation.

b) If you would like to chat with us first before signing up for a Training Evaluation, you can schedule a free Phone Consultation with us.

Training Evaluation

Get Started with training as soon as possible: TODAY!

Our Training Evaluation is for owners and dogs who are interested in doing our Dream Dog Program in our Freedom Dog Training Academy.  This is a personalized board and train where dogs live in our house with us, our dogs and Romeo, the dog training cat.

Before our meeting, you’ll get access to our Training Evaluation online course where you’ll learn training and relaxation techniques proven to benefit any dog and be able to get started with training and see dramatic improvements in your dog’s behavior even before our first appointment! 

During the Training Evaluation, we’ll gain insight and knowledge about your dog’s background and current behaviors, go over the material from the online course and continue training with methods specific to your dog’s greatest needs. 

The Training Evaluation is a working one, so we’ll be training throughout our time together. You’ll leave the evaluation, with a training plan for you and your dog that will improve both your lives

Our Training Evaluation can be at our location or at your home (within 30 minutes of us) and lasts 1.5-2 hours. Training Evaluations are required to get started with out Dream Dog program.  At the end of the Training Evaluation, you can decide if you want to move forward and sign up for the Dream Dog Program, the Freedom Dog or Foundation Programs or no additional services at that time.

You can request a Training Evaluation by filling out the Training Evaluation Questionnaire.  You’ll also pay for the Training Evaluation right on the form.  Please fill one out for each dog you would like to do a Training Evaluation with. We will then contact you by your preferred method (you’ll indicate this on the form) to schedule the Training Evaluation.  We are look forward to meeting you and your dog!

There is no reason to wait another day!

What’s included in the Training Evaluation?

  • 1.5-2 hours private lesson working one on one with your and your dog(s)
  • Access to our Training Evaluation online course upon sign up – get started training even before our first appointment!
  • Our online course is full of videos and handouts to get you started right away.
  • A training plan for you and your dog that will improve both your lives!

Have a calmer dog this week!

We’re so excited that you want join our Freedom Dog Training Academy!  Here’s how you get started.

1) Phone Consultation

A Phone Consultation is a free 30 minute time where we get to know you, your dog(s) and you get to know us.  We want to get to know our clients and their dog personally and are excited to work with you! In the call we will discuss your dog’s history, give information about our training options and methodologies and answer questions that you may have related to achieving your goals with our highly successful for training options!

To begin, you’ll need to make an account or log into your account at our ProPet Software account.  You can find the start page by clicking here or on the button below.

Once you have created an account or logged into your account, you’ll need to book a Phone Consultation.

Not sure about the process, watch our example video here on how to book a Phone Consultation.

At the end of the phone consultation you can decide if you want to move forward with:

  • our Freedom Dog Training Academy by enrolling in our Foundation or Freedom Dog Programs. 
  • our Freedom Dog Training Academy by enrolling in our Dream Dog program.  In this case, we’ll schedule an in-person Training Evaluation with you and your dog(s).
  • no additional services at that time but we welcome you back in the future!

Vaccination Records for In-Person Services

In our on-going effort to provide you and your dog’s with the best care and service possible as well as provide a clean and healthy environment for all, we require ALL dogs that participate in any activity at our Freedom Dog Training & Boarding facility provide proof of the following veterinary records from a licensed veterinarian.

For puppies 5 months and younger

a) rabies vaccination no later than 16 weeks of age

b) age appropriate distemper/parvo combo shots

c) negative fecal within 30 days of the first appointment and then updated every six months thereafter

For dog 6 months and older:

a) rabies vaccination (1 or 3 years)

b) distemper/parvo combo (1yr, 3 yrs or a yearly titer)

c) negative fecal within 60 days of the first appointment and then updated every six months thereafter

If your dog tests positive for on their fecal, they need to be treated.  After treatment, a new fecal test will be needed to make sure the treatment has worked.  Some parasites require more than one round of treatment to get rid of them.

We don’t require the bordetella vaccine but Client is welcome to have their dog vaccinated with bordetella. Client understands that even if Client’s dog is vaccinated against kennel cough (bordetella) or not vaccinated, there is a chance that the owner’s dog can still contract kennel cough.

We appreciate your willingness to help us keep our facility as clean and safe as possible for the enjoyment of all.