• Dog Boarding FAQs

  • I'm interested in boarding at your facility what is the first step?

    Please fill out our Dog Boarding Contact Form (at the bottom of the boarding page) or give us a phone call (815-955-7527) to get started. We'll respond back within 24-48 hours to your inquiry. The first thing we're going to setup is a boarding evaluation. This is a time when you and your dog(s) come out in person to our facility. We'll show you around, answer any questions you may have and get to know you and your dog. This meeting typically lasts 15-30minutes but can go up to an hour. We meet all new boarding dogs so that we know your dog is a good fit to stay here.

  • Where do the dogs exercise?

    Boarding dogs participating in socials go out in our 3500 square foot backyard.  Socials are a structured and supervised time when dogs are out together.  All dogs are advocated for so that dogs can feel safe and have fun.

    We take our advanced off leash trained dogs out to run and socialize in our 21,000 square foot field.  We'll soon have our garage converted to add an indoor area as well.  Dogs are taken out 2 times a day to exercise and socialize with other dogs.

    Interested in adding off leash training for your dog to go out to the field during their stay, let us know!

  • My dog is shy around other dogs, how will I know he won't get pestered or bullied?

    All dogs are advocated here. Social time is not a free for all. If one dog is causing another dog to be uncomfortable, we advocate for the uncomfortable dog by asking the other dog to move away and give the uncomfortable dog space. If two dogs are playing and it's consensual between the two dogs, we monitor the play. No dog is forced to play or interact with other dogs but the dogs do need to be able to exist around each other. It's okay for a dog to just want to hangout while other dogs run and play.

  • Can my dog get injured during playtimes or interactions with other dogs?

    Yes, it could happen. Dogs are running outside on grass in areas where there can be uneven ground. They could also be interacting with other dogs in physical play using their mouths and paws to wrestle around with each other. Precautions are taken and injuries are rare there is a risk unless we kept your dog in a crate all day (and that would be no fun for him). If injuries do occur, you (not Freedom Dog Training & Boarding, Inc.) are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog, as you would be for a child. You need to be sure that you are comfortable with this before allowing your dog to board here. If you are not, this may not be the right fit for you. There are boarding facilities where dogs do not interact with other dogs outside of dogs they live with. However most owners find that the benefits of allowing their dog to play outweigh the risks.

  • What vaccinations/tests does my dog(s) need to board?

    The table below shows the required vaccine and veterinary tests we require for boarding.

    Vaccine or TestGiven How Often
    Rabies1 or 3 years
    Distemper/Parvo1 year, 3 years or yearly titer
    Negative Fecal Testyearly

    We do encourage all dogs to be on a flea/tick and heartworm preventative.

  • Can my dog do training while they're boarding?

    Yes, we have board and train programs. The programs include the board and train, private lessons to teach you the training, training equipment and access to our follow up classes.

    We do offer training as an add on (if we have availability).  This would be double the boarding rating.  We'll work on your dog where they are.  We normally start with relaxation, leash walking, and socialization.  However this option does not include private lessons, training equipment or follow up classes.  However your dog will receive extra individual time while staying with us.  This is based on availability as we only take between 2 and 3 board and train dogs at a time.

    If your interested in doing a board and train program click here for more information and please let us know and we can set up a training evaluation which is bit different and more in-depth than the boarding evaluation.

  • What is the cost of boarding? How and when can I pick up and drop of my dog?

    Boarding is charged “per night”. We count the number of nights your dog is here. Pick up and drop off times do not effect the cost of boarding. Drop off and pick up times are all done by appointment. The earliest drop off and pick up times are 7am and the latest 7:45pm. Below are our current prices. All are by the number of dogs in a single household.  If your dog has done training with us, ask about our boarding discounts for training clients!

    Boarding Rates

    Number of Dogs (per household)Nightly Rate
    1 Dog $45
    2 Dogs $80
    3 Dogs $120

    For example Fido is boarding from Monday afternoon to Saturday morning. That's 5 nights. So his total boarding fee would be $225.

    Long-term Boarding Discounts

    Number of consecutive nightsPercent discount
    1-140% - regular boarding rates
    46 or more20%

    A long term boarding example: Millie the lab boards for 16 nights. This would normally be $720. However with the 10% long term boarding discount, the total price would be $648 (a $72 savings).

  • What's included and not included in the boarding price?

    IncludedNot Included
    Personalized attentionFood - we believe it is important for dogs to remain on their same diet while in our care
    Socialization timeMedications
    Crate, dog bed/blanket, treats and toys
    Giving medications

  • How can I pay for boarding?

    Boarding can be paid for via cash, check, or debit/credit card. The payment for the whole boarding time is due at drop off.  50% of the boarding fee is due to reserve your dog's spot and the remaining 50% is due at drop off.  We only board a small number of dogs at a time so book early!

  • Do you offer pick up or drop off of dogs for boarding?

    No, we currently do not offer pick up or drop off of dogs.

  • Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered to board?

    No. We do accept intact or altered dogs for boarding however we do no accept females in heat.

  • Are the dogs supervised 24/7?

    No, there are times when out we're grocery shopping, training board and train dogs, teaching a private lesson or asleep. During those times, boarding dogs are crated for their safety. They are only outside their crates during supervised times which includes social sessions outside and hanging out in the house.

  • What do I need to bring with me at drop off?

    If you're a first time boarder, we'll need to make sure we have your paperwork on file for boarding. To get started, please fill out the Dog Boarding Contact Form at the bottom of the Dog Boarding page.  Forms for boarding will be emailed to you and need to be completed before drop off. 

    At drop off please bring the remaining of your dog's boarding balance, your dog's food, any required vaccination records, any medications your dog is on and anything else your dog needs.

    We provide toys, chews, treats, crate, bedding and bowls for your dog.

    Please do not bring a 50 pound bag for a week long stay unless your dog will need to eat that amount. Also if your dog is on medication, we will gladly administer them. Please have the medicines in the original packaging with clear instructions. We will also administer heartworm and flea/tick preventative as well.

    If you're a returning boarder, please bring any updated vaccination/test results with your dog as well as your dog's food and any medications.

  • Does my dog need to be leashed during drop off and pick up?

    Yes! All boarding dogs need to be on a leash when being dropped off or picked up.

  • What types of foods will you feed while my dog is boarding?

    We allow owners to bring a variety of different foods to have fed to their dog while boarding. Dry kibble and canned food are the most common. We'll also prepare dehydrated foods. We also accept dogs who are on a raw diet. For a raw diet, we do require owners to bag each individual meal and please to let us know approximately how much freezer space will be needed ahead of time.

  • My dog has food down all the time at home, will the other dogs eat his food while he is boarding?

    No, dogs do not have access to other dog's food while staying here. We also do not free feed dogs for safety reasons. In general, dogs are fed twice a day in their crate. Additional feedings can be added for puppies, older dogs and dogs with medical conditions. They are given between 20-30 minutes to eat their food and then the food is taken up. This prevents dogs from eating food they're not accustomed to and prevents dogs from being able to guard their bowl.

    A dog who may not show or have any food resource issues at their home, may show signs if they all of a sudden have to eat with other dogs around their bowl. How comfy would you be if someone all of sudden tried to take food off your plate? Dogs who are free fed at home typically figure out to eat when food is available after a few days.

  • Can you administer medicine to my dog?

    Yes, we gladly give medications to your dog. We can give pills, powder and even injections. Medications need to come in their original container with dosages and times clearly labeled.

  • Where does my dog sleep at night?

    All boarding dog sleep in their own crate. The crate is provided and is included in the boarding fee. We have crates from from tiny 12inches all the way up 48 inches and sizes in between. Also dogs will receive a dog bed or blanket in their crate. However any dog who shreds their bed will have it removed. Owners are also allowed to bring their dog's own bed however, we are not responsible is their dog destroys it.