Day Camp

Day Camp can provide an excellent alternative for your dog to those long, boring days while you are at work.  We provide an interactive environment for your dog that provides them with both mental, emotional and physical stimulation so they come home happy and content.

Many dog breeds were bred for generations to be active and working but our modern society is not always designed to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of dogs. Our lives can be spread thin with the demands of work and family, and many dogs are lucky if they get out of the house for a few short walks a day.  Day Camp can full fill your dog’s needs.  

Many traditional daycare programs are a free-for-all.  Dogs spend time getting wound up and practice over aroused and un-controlled behavior.  The staff spends the day “policing” the dogs and making sure things don’t get too out of hand.  In many facilities, the ratio can be 1 person supervising up to 30 dogs. 

We knew we could do better.

Our Day Camp is designed to help you dog achieve behavioral wellness and balance by providing a structure to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs through different activities throughout the day.  We limit our program to 4 day camp dogs a day along with our board & train and boarding dogs for a day filled with fun, structure and success!

Day camp is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Drop off is between 7:30am-8:30am and pick up is between 4:pm-5:30pm.  If you need an earlier drop off or later pick up time, we’ll try to accommodate you if we can.  In the mornings we are taking care of board & train and boarding dogs and in the evenings, doing training sessions or private lessons.

Day Camp

Your dog or puppy will spend the day socializing and practicing skills they already know from their training program.  Social Day is open to puppies under 5 months old (regardless if they have done training with us) and dogs who have been or are in enrolled in a training program with approval.  We do not take dogs with aggressive issues in Day Camp, these dogs and owners are better served and helped in our Day Training Program.

Social Day with Training

In addition to social sessions and practicing already known training, we’ll do one on one training sessions with your dog during the day.  We can teach something new or give your dog more individual time strengthening training.  Examples include leash training, sit, down, mat, nail trimming, agility (seasonal), grooming and more.

Social Day w/ Training & a Private Lesson

Your puppy or dog will enjoy social time with other dogs, individual training sessions and at pick up, we’ll do a 30 minute private lesson with you to go over your dog’s training so you can continue training at home.  We can help teach you and your dog many things such as loose leash walking, sit, down, mat, nail trimming and more.  At pick up, we’ll teach you what training we’ve done with your dog.