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Getting Started is Easy!  Please fill out our contact form and we’ll contact you to get things started!  We start with a Training Evaluation.  Normally a Training Evaluation is $45 at our location and $75 in your home (within 30 minutes of our location in Minooka, IL). If you’re further away, contact us for a custom Training Evaluation quote.

Due to COVID-19, we have moved our Training Evaluations online via a personal chat using Facetime, Zoom or another video chat options.  Virtual Training Evaluations are $25 and will be in place until in person evaluation can be resumed.

Anyone interested in our services can schedule and have a Training Evaluation.  Currently we require a Virtual Training Evaluation for someone who wants to sign up for a board and train so that can get to know you and your dog better before having your dog come and train in our home.

Those interested in Virtual Private Lessons or Online Group Classes can schedule a Training Evaluation if they want to learn more about us and our training and we would love to meet you and your dog virtually!  But we can start training with a first virtual private lesson or on the first day of Online Group Class.

If you sign up for a Board & Train program training program or package at the Training Evaluation, the fee is waived and goes toward your training program or package.

Please fill out our Contact Form below to Get Started!