Let's Get Started!

Getting Started is Easy!  We’re so excited that you want to get started training with us!  We have three main ways to you can get started:

1) Phone Consultation

  • This is a free 30 minute time when when you can speak on the phone with us.
  • Log in/Create an account and pick out a day/time for your free Phone Consultation.

2) Training Evaluation

  • After the Phone Consultation, we schedule a virtual or in-person Training Evaluation.  This is a full 1.5-2 hour first lesson where we get to know you and your dog, form a training plan and get you on the road to success!
  • If you want to jump right in, we can schedule the Training Evaluation first.  Give us a call and we can schedule over the phone or create an account, request a Training Evaluation and we’ll call you to make an appointment!
3) Group Classes
  • You can sign up for our Puppy Class or Crazy to Calm classes without doing a Phone Consultation or Training Evaluation although you are more than welcome to! We will have our fall class schedule up soon!  Click here to learn more about our Group Classes.
To learn more information about our Phone Consultation or Training Evaluation, click here or go the Getting Started page.
To get started please click on the button called “Click Here to Book Now”.  Log in or create an account and go to Book Now.  From there you can book a Phone Consultation or a group class.  We are looking forward to improving you and your dogs lives!