• Client Portals

  • We are developing materials for clients to refer to during and after their training programs.  We will be adding materials over the next few months so please check back to see what is new in your training program.  Materials will include with handouts and videos.  Please only register for the program(s) you are in.  We will remove those from portals that they are in not in.

  • This page is for those enrolled in Puppy Class.  Have a puppy between 8-20 weeks old?  Puppy class is an open enrollment class you can join any week after signing up and attend as many times as you want until your puppy turns 20 weeks old for a one time fee of $125.  Sign up for puppy class by clicking here.

  • On Leash Programs

    Private Lesson ProgramsBoard & Train Programs
    Good Puppy On Leash Foundation ProgramThe Foundation Program
    Good Dog On Leash Foundation ProgramPuppy Foundation Program

  • If you're enrolled in or have been in one of our programs above for on leash programs, you can register for your client portal here.

  • On and Off Leash Programs

    Private Lesson ProgramsBoard & Train Programs
    Amazing Dog ProgramFreedom Dog Program
    Good Puppy Off LeashTotal Dog Transformation Program
    The Good Dog Off Leash Freedom ProgramThe Freedom Puppy Program
    The Awesome Puppy

  • If you're enrolled in a on and off leash program listed above, please register here.