Board & Train 2020 draft

Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • We figure our the best approach for your dog.
  • Your dog is learning directly from a professional
  • Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace
  • Faster training since your dog is integrated into our household from day one
  • Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling
  • You don’t have to do all the basic foundation work – the trainer does this for you, and then you can practice with your dog who already has basic training concepts down – you don’t have stumble through it together
  • We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home

Foundation Board & Train Program

No More Bugging the Older Dog
Learning to Relax without being Exhausted

Ready to get started training with your dog?  Let us Help!  

Our Foundation program is a 21 day board & train in our home with three private lessons to teach you.  This program is for puppies and dogs of all ages.  This is a foundation program for all dogs but further training will be needed for adding off leash training and dogs with aggression or severe anxiety.

*We begin by teaching your dog how to relax and make better choices on their own.

*We then add basic on leash obedience: loose leash walking, sit, down, mat and come.

What does this mean for you?  A dog that…

  • can relax on their own
  • you don’t have to micromanage
  • thinks more about how to be rewarded versus how to get in trouble
  • doesn’t jump on you, drag you on walks or embarrass you when you have guests come over
  • is responsive to commands under mild distractions

Program Investment: $1,875

Freedom Dog Board & Train Program

The Freedom Dog Program will turn your dog into the envy of the neighborhood!  You’ll have a dog that waits on a mat when guests come over instead of jumping all over them.  Your dog will come when called even with distractions, sit, and down as well as walk politely on the leash.  You’ll have the dog of your dreams!  Board and train is a serious investment towards years of peace of mind and happiness with your dog.

Our program gives your dog off leash freedom, reliability and tons of fun!

  • Be the envy of the neighborhood
  • Enjoy dining our with your dog at the local dog friendly patio
  • Take your dog shopping at pet friendly stores, instead of leaving your dog at home
  • Enjoy hiking where your dog gets to be a dog and you have the confidence they’ll come back when you call them, right away
  • We work around more distractions and advanced obedience.
  • When your friends come to visit, they won’t believe it’s the same dog!
  • 3 weeks training in our home and we’ll do 3 private lessons to teach you your dog’s new found freedom
  • Prerequisite is the Foundation Program or trainer approval.

Training Investment:  $1,875