Have the Dog of your Dreams!

Get Your Life Back!  Our Chicagoland dog training clients LOVE our 2 acre country setting where we have hiking trails, seasonal creek swimming and open areas for dogs to run and play WHILE they are being trained!

Bingo Card Challenge!

Looking for a fun way to spend time with your dog? Join our Bingo Card Challenge! 

You’ll get a Bingo card with fun activities to do with your dog.  The winner will get a free Bark Box!

This is a stressful time for everyone.  Some are working more hours and are very stressed at work and others have extra time being home. Doing activities with your dog can be a highlight to your day.  So enjoy!

You’ll also be supporting great causes!  Half of the profits will go toward a local shelter or rescue and half toward out new nonprofit New Frontier Service Dogs which will help owner/trainers, train their own service dog. 

* Is your dog pulling you down the street?

* Do they dart back and forth on your walks and almost trip you?

*Come to us for your dog’s training and then you can enjoy your walks because your dog is now walking nicely on a loose leash!

*Does your dog have a great recall until they see another dog, person, squirrel, rabbit…?

*Do you have to make sure you block the front door when you open it, so your dog doesn’t run off?

*Bring your dog for training with us, your dog will come when called and you’ll have confidence to take your dog off leash!

*Is your dog hyper and super crazy, they can’t relax and your think you have to exercise them all the time?

*When you have guests over is your dog jumping all over them and underfoot?

*When you invest in dog training with us, you will amaze your guests with your dog’s new relaxed and calm behavior!

How may we help you?

Service Dog Training

Working with Us

We will work our hardest to help you solve your dog training issues.  give you peace of mind, tools to live a fun life with your dog and decrease your stress.