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  • How Our Private Lessons Work

    We have three private lesson options.  One is our complete program, The Amazing Dog.  This program has the end goal of a an awesome dog on and off leash.  We also have out Pay as You Go Individual Lessons and Bundle.

    I have a 11 month german Shepherd....all I have to say is my dog Bruce has learned more in the two training sessions with Nicole than the 18 previous training sessions with other Trainers. I am extremely excited to see how Bruce is after eight weeks! Thanks Nicole! (The Amazing Dog)

    Haley H

  • The Amazing Dog Program

    Our most Popular Private Lesson Program! 

    Want a dog that is both reliable on and off leash?  Our Amazing Dog Program works on building a foundation of obedience on leash and then transitions your dog to off leash obedience as well. We'll also cover problem behaviors such as jumping on people and objects, counter surfing, door manners and potty training.  This program can also address more intense behavior issues such as aggression, reactivity and anxiety. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood!

    This program consists of 6 private lessons and training equipment (a $250 value!). You can also join our follow up classes Use It or Lose it and Play and Train for free!

    At Our Location: $850

    In Your Home: $1000

  • Pay as You Go Bundle

    You can bundle 3 Pay as You Go Lessons and save!  Our Pay as You Go lessons work on anything from puppy training to aggression and everything in between.  Each session is 90-120 minutes long.  We can help with jumping, pulling on the leash, running out the door, barking, digging, crate training and more!  Our bundle will also include leash walking training equipment.  All other equipment will need to be purchased by you. You can join our Use It or Lose It  or Play and Train for $15. For lessons in your home, we travel within 30 minutes of our location.

    At Our Location: $350

    In your Home: $425

  • Pay as You Go

    Our Pay as You go Lessons can help you with anything from puppy training to aggression. These private sessions allow you to book a session when you need one. Each session will build on the previous one and sessions last 90-120 minutes.  You will be responsible for purchasing training equipment.  We will make recommendations and let you know places you can purchase equipment. You can join our Use It or Lose It  or Play and Train for $15.  Sessions at our location are $125 and $150 in your home within 30 minutes or our location.

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